How to improve your PPC ROAS

Do you spend your money on PPC pay-per-click ads to derive traffic to your The E-commerce website, well keeping this in mind, you should be aware of the fact that getting clicks on your ad is only half the story. Those ads aren't useful if they are unable to generate profits!

Are you sure that the amount you invest in your ad campaign is bringing in enough profit? The best way to check the worth of making an ad campaign is to compare it with the profit revenue directly.
To achieve the title of the best digital marketing agency in Chandigarh, you should measure your ROAS. The measuring of ROAS (return in ad spend) will tell you exactly which one your ads are yielding you enough profit and which ones are not.

How To Measure Your Ad Revenue?

Firstly, you need to track your PPC conversions and sales to improve your ROAS, which the revenue earned, divided by the amount spent on that ad campaign. Pro tip: when measuring ROAS, don't forget to take into account the external factors such as the partner or vendor cost to get accurate calculations.

To improve your ROAS of the ad campaign:-

  • First is the apparent increase in the revenue generated high while keeping the cost stable.
  • We are lowering the cost of ads while maintaining revenue.
  • Increase revenue by lowering cost.

Make your website feasible to the mobile users

As people now are habitual of doing all the work on their smartphones, so it is only efficient to make your sites easily accessible to them on their phones. It doesn't matter how engaging your ad is if it is available through the mobile resulting in not getting revenue for the ads clicked.

Keep a check on your competitors in the market.

There are quite a lot of tools to keep a check on your competitor's PPC campaigns so you can experiment with yours afterward. You can look for the keywords they are vouching for, the offers promoted by them, or the copy used by them. Also, remember that deriving traffic is one thing, and finding out which are the ads that are generating revenue is another.