Upcoming Smart City - Tricity

The concept of a smart city revolves around the idea of a developed urban area that utilizes different types of electronic internet sensors to collect information and use the insights to manage the assets, resources and services efficaciously in the city.

There are many smart cities that already prevail in India and many more are underway. Among the projected smart cities is Chandigarh- the city beautiful.  With the development of Chandigarh as a smart city, it is pretty imminent that the cities in the vicinity of Chandigarh will also be benefited. Tricity, which is an amalgamation of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula are fast developing cities that many people in the meantime wish to settle in or relocate to. 
People in the meantime are getting more inclined towards 2 BHk flats in New Chandigarh that is also in the vicinity of Chandigarh as it is developing at a fast pace and shares a close locale with Chandigarh as an adjoining city.

Why live in a Smart City?
A smart city utilizes smart ways to optimize infrastructure and responsive governance to enable citizens to engage in the management of their own city which creates an ideal atmosphere and instils citizens with a sense of responsibility. 

The information that is provided by the people as suggestions or otherwise are utilized by the municipality to improve many aspects of the city, including the transportation, buildings, environment, infrastructure as well as public services. 

Being a part of a smart city gives you a chance to improve the standards of living of the entire city as a whole. The feedback that is given by citizens is taken into account hereby making citizens feel more in control of their actions and act with a responsible attitude towards the city.

Why Smart Cities are important?

Smart cities are very important in many aspects; a smart city does not only enable development in the city but also promotes progress in the vicinity and adjoining cities and towns.

Suppose a person is looking for flats in New Chandigarh, he/ he will also be a beneficiary of the progress that will take place in Tricity, due to the proximity.