10 How to evaluate the Real estate developer?

Before making your decision, make sure you analyze the developer of the project thoroughly. It is very important that the developer of the project you are interested in while looking for 3 BHk luxury flats in Zirakpur, is credible and well-reputed.

Points to keep in mind while evaluating the developer:

  • Background Check: Make sure the developer of the project you are willing to invest in is credible, do a background check, analyze all previous records before placing your trust in the developer.
  • Previously delivered projects: Consistency is very important, check the previous project that the developer has delivered, the rate and speed of possession delivered etc.
  • Construction quality: Along with the developer, it is also important to take the project into account, make sure the material used and quality of construction is up to the current standards.
  • Financial position: It is important to consider the financial position that the project is backed by, make sure you take into account the financial backup the developer possesses, so that in terms of any causality, the project is self sufficient.
  • Legal advice: Before making a decision onto which project you want to invest in, make sure you take legal advice, to ensure you have all the facts clear.  
  • Reviews: No one can provide you feedback as honest as those who have already invested in the project, look out for customer reviews, get in contact with people who have already invested in the project if needed. You need to get a closer perspective onto the actuality of the project.
  • Capacity to manage multiple projects: While investing in a project managed by a developer that is involved in various project deliverance at once, make sure you take into consideration their ability to manage and deliver multiple projects at once. 
  • Project approvals: It is important to take note of the project, specially the documents. Make sure the developers have all the needful approvals and documentation before investing in the project.
  • Home loan availability: Consider your monetary resources and requirements; take note of home loan availability and banking partners of the project.
  • Family Disputes: To avoid any inconvenience in the future, make sure the developer or the project is not involved in any family disputes.