Going green: The Rise of Eco-Friendly Homes

The demand for homes with green features is rising with rising energy bills. Hence, the search for green and energy-efficient homes has grown exponentially as the modern choice of people around the globe.

The concept of sustainable homes is based on effective and optimum utilization of resources with the aim to reduce their carbon footprints. Conservation of the planet has always been the key reason to go green. However, when it comes to green homes there are many other reasons, such as financial impact, impact on health and numerous lifestyle benefits.

Green homes or eco-friendly homes have an edge over the traditional housing market. Let’s take a look at green features to look out for in your quest for sustainable living.

  • A sustainable material - While screening the realtors, enquire about the environmental friendly building material they use for construction. Building materials that are made with recycled content and renewable resources not only reduce the environmental impact but also improves the indoor air quality by reducing the contaminants.
  • Solar panels – In real estate, the solar energy potential seems to be growing due to its preference amongst buyers as the very first mandate for green home. Active solar technology is useful in converting solar power into useful energy like electricity and water heating.
  • Consider the property - When looking for a green home, consider the building design and property. Features to be considered are:
    • Exposure to direct sunlight for natural lighting.
    • Provision of ventilation
    • Well maintained outdoors such as parks, gardens, green rooftops, etc.
  • Energy-efficient solutions:  Check the energy potential of your future home by screening the energy-efficient solutions opted by the builder e.g.
    • Lights – Look out for building projects using a low energy lighting system i.e. use of LED’s and solar-powered street lighting. The usage of LED’s lighting is becoming the preferable source of lighting from both energy conservation and saving on electricity bills point of view.
    • Windows and Doors- To increase the green quotient of your home lookout for energy-efficient UPVC based windows and doors that can bring in more light and provide insulation against noise, pollution, and rising energy costs.
    • Sewerage treatment plant and Rain water harvesting system – Look out for green aspects like sewerage treatment plants and recycling of the water for horticulture and Sewerage.
Why eco-friendly homes are on the rise?

Green homes have witnessed a surge in demand as people are getting more conscious about the imprints they are leaving on the environment. Buyers today invest in homes that cause minimum damage to the environment and healthy to live in. With so many reasons to evaluate eco-friendly homes, let’s take a look at various benefits they have to offer:
  • Reduced waste
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Lower operating cost
  • Water and energy efficiency
  • Conservation of eco-system
  • Higher resale value
From adding solar panels, energy-efficient lights to lush green surroundings, green homes have the unique selling point attracting the millennial buyers. The concept of traditional housing has begun to change and it is revolutionizing the housing market towards sustainable living.

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