Why invest in the Indian real estate market?

As 2018 has been a fruitful year for real estate investors, the effects of it have been carry forwarded to 2019.  This year has shaped the real estate market thanks to various reforms and policies introduced. The policies have accelerated the growth of the real estate sector and added transparency in the Industry. The standardization in the industry has led to an increase in demand for flats in Chandigarh and surrounding areas. The residential segment of real estate has become the most proffered choice of investment across the industry.

The year 2019 has seen an upward trend in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Indian real estate. Due to the positive impact of government reforms, India has attracted funds from global investors. This year has seen top business houses entering into commercial and residential real estate due to government reforms. The proactive approach of builders in catching up on the new trends has made a positive impact.

Business models have seen revamping in real estate as more and more builders are now being transparent due to strict guidelines of the Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA). This has fuelled the demand for flats and hence millennials are now opting for buying a residential property at an early phase. From penthouses to 3 bhk in Chandigarh, real estate investment in Chandigarh is ever-growing. Top builders are investing not just in Chandigarh but peripheral areas for luxury apartments.
Another initiative from the government “Housing for All” has also contributed to the growth of the sector. Builders are focusing on luxury as well as affordable housing segment to cater to the rising demand. With multiple options available in the market buyers have the choice to make an investment within the budget. This initiative has helped in shaping up the market.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are the latest trends giving a boost to the Indian real estate. REITs are investment instruments similar to mutual funds. Investors can choose from multiple options available and can build a profitable portfolio. India has recently opened doors for REITs and its impact would be seen in the coming year.

We in Ambika Realcon have always aimed to build and provide quality and luxurious living. We follow best business practices and focus on providing rich features at affordable prices. We understand the dynamic real estate. We are adaptable to the new reforms and establish business strategies as per the demand.